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Suggestions and ideas to help your union do a better job and rebuild our solidarity. This is your direct input link to provide feedback, suggestions and ideas only. Requests for assistance with a contract issue should be directed to your Union Steward or Business Rep. Feedback should not be used to seek individual assistance from the District Lodge, or to discuss pending grievances and/or internal union affairs.

April 2014 Aero Mechanic Newspaper online
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to download the April 2014 of the Aero

Thank 751’s Administrative Staff

District President Jon Holden, Secretary-Treasurer Susan Palmer, the Business Reps and Staff want to wish all the office staff at 751 a very Happy Administrative Professional's Day. We want to thank these talented individuals for all the hard work and professional support they give our membership every day on the job. It is appreciated. Take the time to thank them for their hard work.

2014 Conference - University of Washington, Seattle
Friday, April 25: Working Democracy: Labor and Politics in an Era of Inequality

1:00pm-9:00pm. Husky Union Building (HUB), Room 250, UW Seattle. FREE.

Panels to include:

    Beyond the Minimum Wage: What Can Government Do?

    Building Alliances Across Movements

    Redefining Worker Power

    Precarious Employment: Inequality and Workplace Disempowerment

    Giving Workers Voice: The Politics of Combating Inequality

March 2014 Aero Mechanic Newspaper online Click here to download the March 2014 of the Aero

COLA for March 14, 2014 - Minus 2¢

Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA) are generated quarterly under the IAM contract and are based on the federal government’s consumer Price Index (CPI). COLA is rolled into your base rate once a year in September – becoming a permanent part of your base rate.

COLA for the last quarter (November, December 2013 and January 2014) resulted in a minus 5 cents effective March 14, 2014. Keep in mind a negative COLA can never go below the COLA already earned since the last September rollin. Therefore, only the 2¢ generated in December can be deducted rather than the full minus 5¢.

COLA may be added or subtracted from your base rate depending on the CPI fluctuations each quarter if there was a previous COLA accumulation since last September. However, once COLA is folded into your base rate each September, it cannot be subtracted from your base wages.

There are multiple times in our past when COLA was negative and resulted in a subtraction from the already generated COLA.

Instructions for Filing Category A (Recall Rights) at Boeing

Members at Boeing facing layoff have requested information on filing their Category A recall rights. Boeing will provide you a list of jobs you have rights to on your TotalAccess profile. From TotalAccess you can file your Cat A rights (online method is preferred). Click here for step by step instructions to file Category A online.

Click here for paper form to mail in and file Category A rights.





































































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